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Servants Helping Servants
Wisdom Seat


Pastor Johnnie R Haynie. 

Ministers, always follow your pastor.  The student is never greater than the teacher." 
"If you are preaching for money, you're in the wrong place"

Pastor Willie F. Jordan Sr. 

"Always pray like it is your last time, because it just may be !!"

"Never raise an offering or ask the people to give, until you have given first."

"It is better to be asked up than to be asked down, never take a seat in the pulpit of a church that you visit until you are asked to come up."

"Always do exactly what you were asked to do when you are in the pulpit."  If someone asks you to bless the offering, do that and no more!  If you are asked to do a short talk, don't get up and sing, talk and sit down!"


Pastor Stephen E. Richardson

"Learn to help your leaders visions come to past, then when your time comes, someone will be there to help your visions come to past."

"Be led by the Holy Spirit when you minister, not a $2.00 sermon you purchased at the bookstore."

"When you minister for God, give it your all.  Do not short-change the word of God"

"Great men and women serve well.  If you do not want to serve, you will never be great !"